Old Fashioned Potato Sausage - 5 lbs. of Lean Swedish, Norwegian, Scandinavian Sausages

This listing includes Five (5) lbs. of Uncooked Potato Sausage. An old Swedish, Norwegian & Scandinavian tradition. Our potato sausage is made from 80% lean quality pork, potatoes and onions all stuffed in natural casings. Another name for this sausage is Potatis Korv. Potatis Korv is traditionally served hot as a seasonal dish in Sweden, but it is also often served hot or cold throughout the year. Whether you grill it, fry it or simmer it, this one will bring back old memories. Sausages processed in Nebraska, where they know good meat, that's great for grilling on your grill at home or at a tailgate party. Click on the "More Pictures" button for additional pictures of grilled and uncooked Potato Sausage.

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    The Korv got here on time and was excellent. My mother arrived at Ellis Island in 1917 at age 10. As long as I can remember, we had Christmas Eve dinner that always included Potatis Korv. About 30 years ago, I started making it because she was then nearing 70, and wasn't up to feeding all of the Swedes. At this point, finding two tailed dogs in Santa Barbara is easier than finding pork casings. You were a life saver, and at 98, my mother said "this really makes Christmas for me". Your Korv was a star attraction. You'll be hearing from me in the coming years. Now the children and grandchildren expect "korv" every Christmas Eve also.

    A week or so before Christmas I tracked you people down, as I was trying to find Swedish sausage. The sausage was delicious, the service was great... You have a great company... I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. Dave of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    When i was a child in the 60's and 70's we made Korv at my grammas house, The past 10 or so years I have had an annual "Korv party" with my kids and family and fellow swede friends. A local meat market has my grammas recipe. My kids love it! Its is an tradition!!!!
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